“Fate in the headlights, things will be alright. Leave it all behind. No turning back now, here next to you now. I’m along for the ride.”

Here we go. Are you coming? I’m searching for something. Not sure what, but it’s becoming more clear with every song. With every new person listening. I am trying to say something different. Something that matters. “Believing the lines to my songs”.

“Standing in these crowded bars, I just want to be. Somewhere that your love, can make it’s way to me.”

I have been around music my whole life. There was a piano in my living room since I was a kid, and I wish my dad could hear me play his old guitars. Before picking up the guitar, I played classical violin and fiddle music for many years. Music flows through me.

“Oh how surprising, the things that I’ve found. You don’t hear people say, until you’re writing them down.”

From attending concerts in Manhattan, to playing Fiddle Music in the Bronx, I have drawn influences and gained experience from many places. I began playing guitar and writing songs while in college, and have continued while living in Harrisburg and New York City. I am always writing, and always listening.

“It seems that now from where I stand. That the line is better drawn free hand”

Things haven’t gone exactly the way I planned them, but they never do. I guess we’re all just figuring it out as we go.

“Vacant the places I made in my heart once for all that I loved still remain.”

I’ve played Bars, Breweries, Cafes, Wineries, Parks, Taverns and Barns. Just about wherever people will listen. I promised myself not to forget why I started playing in the first place: for the love of music. I hope that’s enough.


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